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Terry Jones (of Monty Python fame, 1942-2020) wrote this fairy tale in 1992, on a king that allows a demon to take a child from his kingdom in exchange for the ability to fly.

@phl43 Schooling. There has to be something between the social alienation of homeschooling and the "temporary prison where we dump the kids while parents need to work" system that we call ~schools~.

@phl43 condo buildings that operate more like hotels. Not all units need to have kitchens or living rooms, some of them can be shared between a whole floor and also could be used by a ghost kitchen that makes deliveries via the food apps.

“If the city's streets and sidewalks were put end to end, they would total 10,000km. 3,000 employees, 2,200 vehicles go into action day and night every time it snows. In Montreal alone, 150,000 tons of salt is spread on roads and sidewalks over the winter.”

"Why we should never have accepted the push for dual-income families as good for society", take 1062.

I've given many talks about how mobile apps can't be deployed with a secret, and using Twitter's 2013 "hacks" as an example. I'm just going to leave this completely unrelated string of random characters here for no particular reason


In 1993 Japanese architect Shigeru Sasaki opened a little office and a furniture workshop in a forest. He loved European medieval architecture and started building and landscaping to his liking. Turned out other people liked it too. Now its grown to mini-theme park. ぬくもりの森

I realized that I am becoming the type of person that types Emacs shortcuts when writing messages on the company's slack and I don't know what to with this realization.

If you're still stuck on #Google drive, or #Microsoft #onedrive, or even #Apple iCloud, it's time to put your files somewhere more private.

Here are a bunch of alternatives that are all better than these privacy invasive services: self hostable options, cloud options, affordable ones, cloud-less ones, with tons of storage... There's something for everyone in there!

#privacy #opensource #cloud

Very cool how adding an editable text label with the :mastodon: logo gets the biggest centralized code hosting site — an abusive one at that, feeding all your code to train a Microsoft-owned AI — loads of free publicity around here. 🤔

Instead, I'm gonna send some love to @Codeberg and @forgejo, since they might actually *implement federation* for code hosting systems. :blobcatthinksmart:

As in: joining fedi, instead of just paying lip service like that other code hosting site.


“Everyone admits that tearing down Penn Station was the worst mistake that New York ever made. Why wouldn’t we just think about putting it back?” — Richard Cameron, Architect, Atelier & Co, 2023

I always thought that "yeah" meant the same as "yes". Turns out that in toddlerese, "yeah" means "I recognize that you just asked me a question".

This includes questions which do not have yes/no answers.

A Google Fi user got hit by a sim swap attack that resulted in his Authy account getting hacked. Since the hacker had control of the user's phone number, the hacker was able to add a new device to the Authy account and from there take control of the user's Coinbase and Outlook accounts.

One way to prevent this from happening to you is to make sure you (1) enroll at least one other device in your Authy account and then (2) have your Authy account set to disable multi device (as shown in the image below).

Doing task 1 will ensure that you always have at least 2 devices enrolled (in case you lose 1 of them). Task 2 will ensure that someone who gains control of your phone number won't be able to enroll new devices.

Solid reporting by @lorenzofb, btw.

Don’t talk about AI bots passing “the” Turing test. There are many.

There should be parameters. A chatbot passes TT(X,Y) if can persuade most humans of IQ X (who are aware that it might be bot) that it is a human of IQ >=Y.

Long past TT(80,80). ChatGPT fails TT(100,100).

So we (GitHub) just rolled out support for Mastodon profiles.

Thanks @derekprior for helping us!

A three-step approach to get people off bird-site and into the Fediverse:

1. A service where you provide your twitter handle and your mastodon account, and creates mirror accounts for all your follows on

2. Let the owner of a twitter handle sign-up to and take over the account.

3. The authenticated owner of account can now move the account to some other server.


I like the fact that is the biggest instance, but I would leave for an instance that is paid only, say $10/month, has a cool domain name, and thus can afford to raise the rate limits. feels like early Twitter both culturally (good), and fail-whale-wise (not good).

Great to see the announcement of Automerge 2.0. The path to industrial strength CRDTs is looking brighter.


Also, evidence # 946 for my "why I am not sure I want my children to go to college". Higher-ed in the West is for anything but education.

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