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Together with more than 100 European organisations and companies we have signed the #OpenLetter about the universal right to install any software on any device.

Today anyone can join us and sign the letter:

#Ecodesign #RightToRepair #FreeSoftware #UpcyclingAndroid

@gael @murena @fsfe @Fairphone

BookWyrm is a Goodreads alternative that is connected to the Fediverse so you can follow regardless of platform. You can follow @WeirdWriter from Mastodon and I follow Mastodon accounts via BookWyrm.

Pick an instance at

#BookWyrm #TwitterMigration #AmReading #ReadingCommunity #Publishing #Books #audiobooks @bookstodon

Our brother @alex_pertsev has been in prison for 103 days.

Today a Dutch court, labeling him a flight risk keeps denying him a fair trial and asked to be kept in prison until 2023/02/20.

Another 90 days. In total 193 days in prison without a trial for ... writing #opensource

Wait, Argentina loses to Saudi Arabia in the and there is not one single meme on my timeline? I want to file a complaint with Mastodon's CEO...

The #ReWe supermarket chain (@rewe_group) in Germany ends their long-standing collaboration and sponsorship of the @DFB_Team due to their decision to bow to Qatari pressure and not wear the One Love armband in the Qatar worldcup.

🇩🇪 Link:

Amazon Alexa is a colossal failure on pace to lose $10 billion for the company this year. Good. Couldn't have happened to a nicer product. Stop normalizing filling your house with always-on microphones controlled by billionaires.

Lot of new faces and interest, so I'll share this one more time.

@Gargron wrote this blog post a few years ago, going over the basics of Mastodon and ActivityPub servers

I wrote a Rust implementation of that blog post, which I think is a good starting point for those interested in playing with ActivityPub like I am. You can find it here, including a more detailed walk-through of the server:

#ActivityPub #Rust #RustLang

But of course there is a lot of other changes as well:
With #Tusky 20 you will be able to set the focus point on images and follow hashtags.
The media tab on profiles has been improved a lot, and Android 13 is now officially supported.
And of course a whole lot of bug fixes which should make Tusky 20 more stable than any version before.

1.35 million people a year, 3.7K a day, are killed world-wide in vehicle-involved crashes, with another 20-50 million a year seriously injured. The #1 global killer of young people. Via @WHO.

Imagine if we reconsidered our land-use, infrastructure design, speed limits, enforcement, vehicle size, EVERYTHING, to actually try to save those lives?

#VisionZero #cities #people #transportation #WHO #traffic #crashes #streets #urbanism #safety #urbanplanning

If you're an account with no profile pic, header or bio, it would be great if you could fill them out when you get the chance. Only takes a couple of mins. So many new followers are anonymous. It's nice to know who people are, and that they're not just bots (of the wrong kind!).

As exciting as it is to see people coming to Mastodon, I am hoping to see the next big movement which will be when people understand that the main benefit of is that you can get to control how you interact with the network and that the power can lie within the client. The more we treat the servers as mere relays of ActivityStreams, the better.

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Take, for example, algorithmic timelines. There is absolutely *zero* reason to implement that at the server. Even low-powered devices can handle storage of tens of thousands of messages and do rules-based filtering.

ML-based algorithms can be trained in big servers and then downloaded to the clients. Web-based clients can be quite powerful as well, especially now that is maturing.

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I just had the realization that there are plenty of things that people coming from the will wish they have on "Mastodon" (the server) which in reality should be a feature of the client.

"Mastodon is just like email."
Like email? So I use Microsoft Outlook?
"Use WHAT"

(Tools -> Account Settings -> RSS Feeds -> New ->

@simon if you still have your contacts at news orgs, could you reach them to ask if there is any interest from these bigger papers to create their own instances?

I am putting together the "enterprise" version of my hosting service. I think that news orgs would definitely be an interesting market, and I'm wondering why they haven't jumped on the bandwagon yet.

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