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Communick has been more interesting to its users as a Matrix provider than for its connection to the Fediverse, but I still think that we need to have something like it: an instance that does not cater to any specific community and lets its users make their own networks as they wish.

If you don't let yourself be defined by your peers and if you understand the importance of paying to support the products/services that you use, consider joining

Another day at HN, another torrent of downvotes for anyone challenging the collective hard-on for "government regulation" that is becoming so prevalent there.

And when you ask "what kind of policy do you see being mandated that could get us rid of Big Tech?" Only crickets.


A Europa vai obrigar grandes empresas com apps de mensagens, como WhatsApp e iMessage, a abri-los para que se comuniquem com outros apps. Há desafios importantes em segurança e privacidade, mas, apesar da choradeira da big tech, é uma ótima notícia.


What if we approached job satisfaction and professional connections as we do our romantic ones?

Like OkCupid, can we emulate the matching algorithm to present us better jobs?

Can recruiters eliminate screening interviews with few simple questions? Find out if a company has a broken hiring process, pushing good people away?

Enter! Answer questions, say what matters to you and it will give you a match percentage between you x companies, jobs and even future co-workers

At some point in history we collectively gave up on bookmarks and just resorted to piling up hundreds of tabs in our browser windows.

I still fancy the idea of a locally running and private search engine, that tracks everything I do on the web, so I can search my browsing history and easily rediscover things I've read months or years ago.

Almost 9 years living in Germany and I still don't understand their "recreational sport club" system. I want to go back to swimming, there is a website with information about the associations in Berlin, but all point to some "office" contact. You can never find out where they practice, what times. You have to call/email and pray someone will ever answer. German bureaucracy extends even to the leisure activities. is the official German government portal for doing government-related paperwork online.

They have now created their own Mastodon instance at which contains some official accounts. You can find them on the instance's directory page:

➡️ (in German)

This is a really promising sign! The Fediverse can allow citizens to interact with public officials without having to give away personal data.

#BundDe #Germany #Deutschland #Deutsch #Government

2022, and we still don't have a mobile music *library manager* to keep an offline cache of your collection.


We've got an awesome opportunity to join the team. Please apply to be our Senior Fellow for Decentralization today.


Bonus points if it includes other types of constraints: e.g, time it takes to make dinner, propose different recipes to avoid trips to the market.

LOTS of bonus points if it *suggests* events to get the family out of the routine: Thu is looking free? Go hike with the neighbors.

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2) A *family* calendar that can generate day/week schedules based on the constraints it is given.

E.g: Mom has meetings at this and that time. Dad on other days. Kids need to be picked at school between 3 and 3:30pm. Jr has karate at Weds.

Now, who-takes-who-when?

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1) Syncthing "middleware": don't just sync files between devices, but specify logic of what should happen when a device "sends" or "receives" the file.

E.g: NAS stores music files in high-res MP3 or FLAC, but you want (part of?) them in your phone as lower-res format.

It would be a good project for me to use and learn more of Go, and it would work well with what I had in mind when writing

Just too big of a project for me to do it now.

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I think I need to start posting about Ideas for products (or maybe features?) that I don't have the time/skills to work on:


Daily reminder to not start yet another Discord server if you believe in free open-source software and privacy. Looking at you "Discord Administered Organizations (DAOs)" & "decentralization enthusiasts". 🤡 Try or alternatives for a change.


Seriously, the Chrome team just landed a patch that lets sites block "View Source" _right in the middle_ of the Chrome Dev Summit.


I think it is a bad idea for instance admins (fediverse) to ban entire instances. Unless there is a very very very serious motive behind it. And make it public when you do. Because this will cut ties with those instances and the users from your own instance will be unable to reach anyone from those banned instances. This is a dangerous game that many on the fediverse are playing. They seem to not grasp the consequences.

If we ever ban any instance then we will first announce it to all of our users, and then make it public. But unless there is severe spam flooding our servers, I do not see a reason to do that.

Users can block other users and for some federated networks they can block entire instances. Let the users decide! Not a handful of "admins". #tromlive

It started as some incoherent rambling about the lack of music players that could manage remote music collections decently. It ended up as a incoherent rambling against the silo-ing of our data into apps.

You can now open all Solidity docs code examples in @EthereumRemix by clicking on the ↩️ next to each code block! This feature will be shipped with the next release & makes it super easy to play around with code while reading the docs. Try it in "latest"!

My mac says "Your screen is being observed" on the lock screen. How do I tell what app is doing this?? I've already turned off screen recording permissions for all apps in the Privacy section. And rebooted.

The more I learn what CSS3 and SVG can do with any reasonably modern browser, the less I tolerate frontend frameworks that do not separate behavior from presentation.

Every HTML5 framework wants to reinvent their own little precious wheel, when they could make *one* single UI toolkit and have completely decoupled CSS themes/skins.

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