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It started as some incoherent rambling about the lack of music players that could manage remote music collections decently. It ended up as a incoherent rambling against the silo-ing of our data into apps.

You can now open all Solidity docs code examples in @EthereumRemix by clicking on the ↩️ next to each code block! This feature will be shipped with the next release & makes it super easy to play around with code while reading the docs. Try it in "latest"!

My mac says "Your screen is being observed" on the lock screen. How do I tell what app is doing this?? I've already turned off screen recording permissions for all apps in the Privacy section. And rebooted.

The more I learn what CSS3 and SVG can do with any reasonably modern browser, the less I tolerate frontend frameworks that do not separate behavior from presentation.

Every HTML5 framework wants to reinvent their own little precious wheel, when they could make *one* single UI toolkit and have completely decoupled CSS themes/skins.

So yesterday I got the first (paid!) request to add a feature on from someone who is working on what is likely to become the first (excluding my own) production instance.

A hundred bucks, but feels like a million.

Does anyone have a non-Google recommendation for an Android keyboard? I never realized how much the stock one sucks and I *really* don't want to go back to gboard.

Last week I shared my first prototype designed in @penpot with a client and it worked seamlessly.

I'm excited to move more and more professional work projects from Figma to Penpot

#FreeSoftware #LibreUX #UX

The problem with Facebook shows how fragile centralization is.

Too many users relying on one company. Too many products and subsidiaries controlled by one corporation. Too many services dependent on same infrastructure.

It was at the top of Facebook's popularity that I learned about Dunbar's number: humans' brains evolved to deal with ~150 people, and this is the average size of our social networks. Maybe it is time to think about Dunbar Corporations. More than 150 headcount? Break it apart.

@cj I wanted to take a look at the go-fed site, but it seems that you have an expired cert?

Anyway, I am wondering about the feasibility of letting communick users bring their own ids (for context, see, and turn into communick into a "ActivityPub-as-a-service provider". I asked for some feedback from the Pleroma people here but I am wondering if you have any thoughts on the matter?

In the context of @fedeproxy #forge #federation , I'm looking into the idea of having simultaneous translation during the monthly meetings in order to address the language barrier. It would improve the #diversity of participants.

Any suggestions on where to find freelance simultaneous translation services? Boost appreciated!

Finally turning the Fairphone with /e/ OS into my daily driver. Now I need to resist the temptation of installing Twitter and any Google app, and use the opportunity to (a) implement the Twitter bridge into communick and (b) start self-hosting calendar/contacts, maybe even maps and navigation?

Conduit (alternative implementation of Matrix Server) getting into beta:

Vfx commission 

Hi! I'd like to hire someone to do some blender work, specifically of ships flying in space, around planets and stuff.

That's it. Two original-ish ships, rendered in a dozen or so shots each.

I dunno how much this kind of thing costs, but I'm sure I can pay a reasonable rate.

Not really a fully-fleshed out idea, but I do need to start somewhere. Plus it gives a good excuse to revive the blog:

@alex , how hard would be in pleroma to have each local user to have its own FQDN? I'm picturing a system where users can sign up to a service but bring their own identity, and use ENS as a backup webfinger system. Wouldn't that solve the identity portability problem in the fediverse?

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With Ethereum Name Service (ENS) you can register ".eth" domains into the blockchain as an NFT. Now you can also import your DNS domains as well.

The coolest thing though is ENS allow to have resolvers to get your name pointing to different places (crypto addresses, text records, etc), so basically you can implement a completely decentralized webfinger system on top of Ethereum.

Imagine a government agency ordered Apple to include hashes of all documents they wanted to track into that kiddie porn database. Suddenly the government knows who's got that antivax meme JPG. Or tax protest DOC. Or an environmental report PDF.

And it's just hashes! Apple won't know what they're tracking, so they can't say "no".

Now tell me you honestly believe no government *ever* will take advantage of this invisible monitoring power.

The 8-hour workday is too profitable for big business, not because of the amount of work people get done in eight hours (less than three hours of actual work done in 8 hours) but because it makes for such a purchase-happy public. Keeping free time scarce means people pay a lot more for convenience, gratification, and any other relief they can buy. It keeps them watching television, and its commercials. It keeps them unambitious outside of work.

Does Etherscan really requires an API key and then still returns a 403 redirecting to a captcha? What is the point of the API key?

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