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@sneak I am surprised if this is true, as it can be a way for money laundering.

If it *is* true, though... the issue is not even with crypto, just Wikimedia doing what every shady NGO does: treat every donor as a potential sucker that can be nagged endlessly to be milked of a couple bucks every year. I made the mistake of donating to them via SEPA, I think they only stopped asking for more after 3 years.

With the Brave program, they don't get to know me.

@sneak you need to take this complaint to your representative to get less draconian KYC/AML laws. "Pure BTC" can not be accepted by wikimedia if they don't know who is behind the transaction, while for BAT they can just point to the wallet custodian (in this case, Uphold Inc)

@sneak those scammy fools let you donate to Wikimedia without id'ing yourself, using erc20 shitcoins that can be traded for greenbacks, just like wikimedia would trade the "hard sound money" of BTC.

But if you don't want to get off the high horse, it's okay.

@sneak they are registered on Brave creators program. Brave users can donate all the BAT they receive without KYC

@alex if Bitcoin is "digital gold", Lightning is a network where each of your peers puts some gold in a vault (channel) as credit for IOUs that get sent around the network. Sending IOUs is off the blockchain, so they are ridiculously faster and cheaper than on-chain transactions. You only use the blockchain when you want to cash out all the IOUs you collected.

Challenges: sometimes you can not find a route to complete a payment & LN node needs to be 24/7 for security of funds.

@alex @raucao on a similar note, take a look which works as a payment gateway for ethereum tokens (so you can collect stable coins) and provides a stripe-style checkout widget.

Not ready for public release, but given that I am the developer you know you have a direct line of support.

@io sorry, I know it is a cheap shot but I found this on twitter and it reminded me of this conversation...

@io First, unless you are in a swing state, any vote would very likely be more of a waste anyway. Second, democracy is two wolves and a lamb deciding what to have for dinner... sometimes signaling disagreement is more important than joining a side when both options are so horribly wrong.

Fediverse Rant 

Like, that's the opposite of social! It fosters the opposite of a human connection. Instead of relating to the person it constantly suggests that you only engage with topics. What's so sad is that so many people are totally acclimated to this. They act like topics instead of people, and bring this attitude with them even off of social media.

When was the last time you asked someone to tell you about themselves and they just listed out things they like? Even I do this.

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Tl;dr: if you consider yourself a hacker and not just another code monkey wagie, then STAND UP FOR SOMETHING THAT KEEPS YOU FREE. STOP using trash like LinkedIn to schmooze up to mid life crisis money men losers in the hope you'll get a job. Stop using these crap platforms owned by people like Microsoft who'll just screw you out of every ounce of freedom you have. STOP COMPLYING.

It's weird how quickly we can adopt tooling that change our expectations about development processes even though it is mostly for aesthetics. Python's "black" let's me put code absolutely anywhere without thinking about it. Just save it and let it reformat it.

Javascript linters, on the other hand... As much as a dictator it wants to be with rules, I have two different vue.js projects that seem to be written by two different people. Even *on* the same codebase, style changes.

Manages to make a good criticism of Capt Marvel without falling into the cheap (though deserved) jab at woke culture.

On today's "top 3 hardest problems in computer science" episode: how to name API resources in a "crypto-banking" application in a non-ambiguous way?

Transactions/transfers/payments can each mean one thing depending on blockchain, Raiden or plain "accounting" context.

Yeah, you can call Decimal.normalize(), but then you need to be special-casing your formatting code which is just stupid.

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15+ years working with Python and most of the issues I would run into were either my fault (not understanding a concept) or an inherit limitation of the platform , i.e, if you want really fast code or rely on good parallelism, you are not going to have a good time.

Today though I think I hit the first thing that truly disappointed me: try formatting a Decimal number in a way that it prints only the significant digits. You can not. `:g` works for floats, but not Decimals.

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