@dansup @Gargron That was one of the reasons I was excited about your MicroUI work. It seemed to be in the right direction to become a replacement for Tumblr. It's a pity you put it aside.

@dansup @Gargron

Maybe I am in the minority, but I really don't think that is an issue for the server software. This idea of "one account for pixelfed to post photos, another on mastodon for text posts, another on write.as for longer blog posts, funkwhale to follow music channels" just leads to excessive fragmentation and balkanization.

I'd rather have only one account with a server that can create all kinds of ActivityPub objects and let the *clients/frontends* make the filtering.


You need to push the files to a pinning server (something like pinata.cloud or infura.io), and then you need to update your DNS records.

There is a javascript package (npmjs.com/package/ipfs-deploy) that helps with that.

@ernie we wouldn't have *this* version of the internet, that's for sure.

But then... so what? if it were not for the people who were in it for the money it would've always stayed that, just a niche.


Put another way, you're saying that "web1" only refers to the very early stage where things were so new and only accessible to rich hobbyists and privileged academics.

It's like saying that "no one cared about money on the home computer circles until Micro-Soft showed up charging money for its BASIC".

Even if true, it's the computer nerd version of "I was a fan of the band before they went mainstream". It's such a small group of people that it is actually irrelevant.


Everyone *always* cared about money, it's just that the industry was making more of it elsewhere.

Microsoft (and all of SV) was raking money on the desktop and apps, the internet was simply not important. But the moment that it grew and reached some critical consumer base, obviously the VCs and big conglomerates (Time Warner, remember them?) started paying attention.

To think that the web was some hippie camp is juvenile revisionism.

@alex that's a bad take. you can not compare numbers of accidental deaths with the numbers of deaths by acts of violence.

If you want to make a better (but still pointless and stupid) argument, go take a look at number of deaths relative to the total population. If more and more people are declaring themselves trans, all else being equal the number of "trans people dying" will increase as well.

@alex even then, why not document.location? Something to do with iframes?

@alex please let me know the original source so that I can have a good medicine for the times I feel any kind of impostor's syndrome.

Bonus points if it includes other types of constraints: e.g, time it takes to make dinner, propose different recipes to avoid trips to the market.

LOTS of bonus points if it *suggests* events to get the family out of the routine: Thu is looking free? Go hike with the neighbors.

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2) A *family* calendar that can generate day/week schedules based on the constraints it is given.

E.g: Mom has meetings at this and that time. Dad on other days. Kids need to be picked at school between 3 and 3:30pm. Jr has karate at Weds.

Now, who-takes-who-when?

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1) Syncthing "middleware": don't just sync files between devices, but specify logic of what should happen when a device "sends" or "receives" the file.

E.g: NAS stores music files in high-res MP3 or FLAC, but you want (part of?) them in your phone as lower-res format.

It would be a good project for me to use and learn more of Go, and it would work well with what I had in mind when writing raphael.lullis.net/thinking-he

Just too big of a project for me to do it now.

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I think I need to start posting about Ideas for products (or maybe features?) that I don't have the time/skills to work on:

RT @_franzihei@twitter.com

Daily reminder to not start yet another Discord server if you believe in free open-source software and privacy. Looking at you "Discord Administered Organizations (DAOs)" & "decentralization enthusiasts". 🤡 Try @matrixdotorg@twitter.com or alternatives for a change.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/_franzihei/status/

@Moon @xianc78 @alex @guizzy

Looking into app.ens.domains/faq and it says that yes, you can add IP addresses to the record, but "there aren't many third party tools and applications which resolve IP addresses attached to ENS."

So as long as your server doesn't change your IP too often, you should be good.

@Moon @xianc78 @alex @guizzy you're right, it is not.

I thought you meant by porting that you would rewrite the contract. Don't know much about Ubiq.

@guizzy @xianc78 @alex because each update now would cost about $200+ in gas fees?

@Moon how about Solana? The Brave people are all pimping it now, I'm sure they would love to see ENS-on-solana.

Seriously, the Chrome team just landed a patch that lets sites block "View Source" _right in the middle_ of the Chrome Dev Summit.



@jon @Mastodon is ThePirateBay a "bad actor"? SciHub? What about Taiwan and Tibet not getting their own top-level domains because of China?

Also, bear in mind that pirate bay still exists, despite all of the forced domain changes. Trying to curb them by censorship does not work. It is as "necessary" as it is ineffective.

@jon @Mastodon you wouldn't have to, *if* it was at the application level.

A ENS-enabled Webfinger could just resolve every IP address from any .eth domain by making a CNAME query to the corresponding .eth.link address (which is maintained by the ENS devs)

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