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Once you have those figured out, that's when the web3 devs will be able to help you to define the best way to implement that feature.

I for one would love to see an ActivityPub server that could support ENS as an actor id. This would let people port their identity between different servers and could end all fedi drama around poorly managed instances.

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> Imagine if Ethereum got deployed on Poast.

That doesn't make a lot of sense to me. It's like saying "Imagine if HTTP got deployed on Poast".

Think of Ethereum/Web3 as an application protocol and let's think about which features you'd like to have in Rebased that are not currently possible with ActivityPub messages being sent around via HTTP: decentralized identities, gated access to streams, IPFS-based media storage and distribution?

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US mass surveillance, dragnets, ACAB 

#Police are able to search your #location months back without a warrant using a tool called Fog Reveal.

"It relies on advertising identification numbers, which Fog officials say are culled from popular cellphone apps such as Waze, Starbucks and hundreds of others that target ads based on a person’s movements and interests, according to police emails. That information is then sold to companies like Fog."

Avoid ad-supported apps as much as possible, especially for navigation where you have to give it your location. Don't give location permission to apps that don't really need it. Uninstall apps that ask for permissions they shouldn't need. And ideally, just don't install that app in the first place. Who the fuck needs the Starbucks or McDonald's app?

I use Magic Earth for navigation, but I also have a Garmin GPS navigator that isn't even capable of sharing my location except when I update it by plugging it into my computer, at which point it asks me whether or not it can upload my location history.


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I was really excited about trying n8n as an alternative for zapier, then I noticed that their code is not really open, but just some "source-available" and "fair-code" BS. Has the validity of these licenses been legally tested?

Holy shit, the amount of FUD going by btc maxis on the orange site is cringeworthy: news.ycombinator.com/item?id=3

One idiotic thing I just realized about Tusky is that it does not show you a remote profile's timeline unless you or your instance follows it, and even then it only shows the entries since your server started listening to it. Why shouldn't the client just fetch the public timeline directly from the remote instance?

Now for some reason any attempt to attach a document to gmail is failing. Searching the web says that the solution is to use a "compatible browser".

Google, you are getting me closer and closer to abandon one of the last services I still depend on. All the pain of self-hosting is nothing compared with this shit you are pulling out.

Cell phone companies will start providing identifier codes to websites that you visit. blog.simpleanalytics.com/vodaf

And no, GDPR does not cover these cases. I wish people stopped think of regulations as magic pixie dust that can solve whatever problem they have, and instead look at regulations as "the set of rules that are deemed acceptable for the lobbyists to impose on smaller players, but with enough loopholes for them to ignore it completely."

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The reason I am asking is because your comment illustrates an American cultural trait: when faced with a problem, everyone in N. America is super quick at finding fault at the individuals and even quicker at assigning blame, but no one wants to deal with the systemic problems that are common to the accidents and abuses in the first place.

It's a different subject matter, but this video from Not Just Bikes also touches on this: youtube.com/watch?v=Ra_0DgnJ1u

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Wait. Then we can not look at it as "idiot control" or "cleaning up the gene pool", can we?

The reckless idiots will be getting in touch with people who might be take all possible precautions and still get sick anyway...

Also, if lockdowns and mandates are not going to work, what *actual* measures do you think govts and businesses should be taking?

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If "Covid is endemic", isn't "the pandemic" over *by definition*?

I mean, yes, everything in the list is true. Yes, precautions are still necessary. But why should people keep living like they it's a zombie apocalypse? What type of arbitrary restrictions do you think should be employed to separate the "smart people" from "reckless idiots"?

Is it just me and my corner of the internet, or is the incidence of strawman "arguments" rising online?

I don't know if I got better at identifying it or if people are losing their ability of reading and debating online, but I'm getting tired of seeing how many times I have to start a comment with "Where in TFA is this claim or argument that you are objecting/responding to?"

I wasn't using Brave's "Speed Reader" feature before because it was hit-and-miss, but it seems like now it really works. Text and images, no pop-ups, no pop-overs. If anything, the only complaint is that browsing becomes a bit *too* bland, because all pages are rendered in the "clean" style.

@Hyolobrika this is not really "cash", as they are not fungible. It also sidesteps the whole issue of double-spending by merely assuming that creditor is willing to trust debtors to not "overdraft".

It's funny that so many people now want to find an alternative to blockchains, but they will have to learn by themselves that blockchain have become so popular not because they are "good", but because they are the only distributed trust-less system that could possibly work.

For today's episode of "if ain't broke... try harder", the new docker-compose decided to change the way to resolve file paths.

Seriously, if it wasn't 2:30 in the morning, I think I'd take the day to move everything to podman.

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Bitcoin was a good prototype, but it has failed as a currency and now people are starting to realize that the "store of value" narrative is also bogus.

The sooner BTC goes the way of the Dodo, the better.

@silverpill C'mon now, anti-crypto people are super annoying and 99% of their criticism is unfounded bullshit, but... "millions out of poverty"?

Also, maybe it wasn't "created" by corrupt institutions or governments, but today it is promoted by Wall Street, it has a failed entrepreneur talking peddling its wonders every week on business media channels and the only was co-opted by a narcostate proto-dictator in the Caribbean.

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