I'm seeing an uptick of signups on communick.com, but no new logins to mastodon. Because of my no-tracking policy it's impossible to know where the users are having trouble.

If you need help and managed to see this: please send me an email at support@communick.com

@raphael You need to link to a page showing the services you provide (hyperlink the pictures).

Cue this example: federation.spacebear.ee/

Also showing prices up front is key.

@darnell The services provided (Matrix, Mastodon, XMPP) are in the frontpage. Should I add it somewhere else?

@raphael No, you just need to make separate pages with each service, & have those services hyperlinked to that specific page (with service pages showing prices).


@darnell Gotcha! I do have a link to the documentation page for each service (on the footer), but it does make sense to have a page to "checkout" directly.

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