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Wait. Then we can not look at it as "idiot control" or "cleaning up the gene pool", can we?

The reckless idiots will be getting in touch with people who might be take all possible precautions and still get sick anyway...

Also, if lockdowns and mandates are not going to work, what *actual* measures do you think govts and businesses should be taking?


@galacticstone @thomasfuchs

The reason I am asking is because your comment illustrates an American cultural trait: when faced with a problem, everyone in N. America is super quick at finding fault at the individuals and even quicker at assigning blame, but no one wants to deal with the systemic problems that are common to the accidents and abuses in the first place.

It's a different subject matter, but this video from Not Just Bikes also touches on this: youtube.com/watch?v=Ra_0DgnJ1u

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