Bitcoin: A beautiful decentralized system. Created by our friends, not by some corrupt institution or megacorp. Lifted millions out of poverty and still helps people from all around the world in their fight against tyranny.
Eugen: "Mildly satisfied" from seeing Bitcoin users lose a fraction of their savings and asks for more

@silverpill C'mon now, anti-crypto people are super annoying and 99% of their criticism is unfounded bullshit, but... "millions out of poverty"?

Also, maybe it wasn't "created" by corrupt institutions or governments, but today it is promoted by Wall Street, it has a failed entrepreneur talking peddling its wonders every week on business media channels and the only was co-opted by a narcostate proto-dictator in the Caribbean.


Bitcoin was a good prototype, but it has failed as a currency and now people are starting to realize that the "store of value" narrative is also bogus.

The sooner BTC goes the way of the Dodo, the better.

@raphael I don't think it has failed as a currency. Because I'm still using it as a currency. And in many places it is still a better store of value than fiat scams.
It doesn't matter who promotes Bitcoin because it is a public good. Bitcoin is for everyone, and yes, that includes failed entrepreneurs and narcostate proto-dictators.
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