I think I need to start posting about Ideas for products (or maybe features?) that I don't have the time/skills to work on:

1) Syncthing "middleware": don't just sync files between devices, but specify logic of what should happen when a device "sends" or "receives" the file.

E.g: NAS stores music files in high-res MP3 or FLAC, but you want (part of?) them in your phone as lower-res format.

It would be a good project for me to use and learn more of Go, and it would work well with what I had in mind when writing raphael.lullis.net/thinking-he

Just too big of a project for me to do it now.

2) A *family* calendar that can generate day/week schedules based on the constraints it is given.

E.g: Mom has meetings at this and that time. Dad on other days. Kids need to be picked at school between 3 and 3:30pm. Jr has karate at Weds.

Now, who-takes-who-when?


Bonus points if it includes other types of constraints: e.g, time it takes to make dinner, propose different recipes to avoid trips to the market.

LOTS of bonus points if it *suggests* events to get the family out of the routine: Thu is looking free? Go hike with the neighbors.

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