With Ethereum Name Service (ENS) you can register ".eth" domains into the blockchain as an NFT. Now you can also import your DNS domains as well.

The coolest thing though is ENS allow to have resolvers to get your name pointing to different places (crypto addresses, text records, etc), so basically you can implement a completely decentralized webfinger system on top of Ethereum.

@alex , how hard would be in pleroma to have each local user to have its own FQDN? I'm picturing a system where users can sign up to a service but bring their own identity, and use ENS as a backup webfinger system. Wouldn't that solve the identity portability problem in the fediverse?

@raphael A user can have any ActivityPub ID. I think the hard part would be connecting it all together. You’d want to add DNS checks to make it easy.

@alex but isn't it what ENS would be doing? Say that I want my id to be johndoe.eth. I also want to host my fedi account, so I register joendoe.eth on ENS and I add a record saying that my fedi provider.

People could address me on fedi by using my ENS, and servers could resolve the name by querying it.

Later on, if I want to change to, I can move all my stuff to the new provider, change the ENS record and all my followers wouldn't notice.

Could this work?


This seems like something that should be pitched to the ActivityPub folks,


@selea if I understand what @alex said, there is no need to change the activitypub standard. It would be up to servers to implement different methods to resolve the activitypub IDs and figure out how to find the server that is responding requests specifically to that account.

@alex can we chat a bit about this idea some time soon? I'm thinking that a system where users are in control of their identity and get to decouple from the hosting service will be a boon to the Fediverse, and I am having some ideas that can generate interesting opportunities to Tribes.

@alex So, let me resort to vague threats and blackmail... if I don't get any response on soon, I will be forced to take it to the Mastodon people.

We don't want that, do we?

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