There is bad reporting going on around the news about OnlyFans. Yes it is due to the "payment processor" MasterCard but *that* reason for change was due to Exodus Cry's incessant activism against PornHub and their attempts to abolish all legal forms of pornography, sex work, Strip Clubs, etc under the guise of "think of the children".

@cj iow, activism is only good when it lobbies for the values I support...

Also, claiming it is all about "think of the children" is a strawman. I never heard of Exodus Cry before your post, but a cursory look at their site and it is very clear they are up front against the sex *industry*, which is not necessarily the same as being puritanical or anti-sex.


@cj much like one can be against the war on drugs but against the weed "industry", one can be for decriminalization of prostitution but against the idea that it should be regulated, normalized and accepted as a "normal job".

@raphael You are talking about something completely different. They are both against the "decriminalization" by pushing for FOSTA/SESTA legislation *and* against the cultural idea.

Furthermore, "activism is only good when it lobbies for the values I support" is a tautological, hollow kind of observation, and a super weak criticism.

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