i downgraded from 15k followers on the birdsite to 500 here, but it’s worth it knowing that this is my own server and i know i don’t have to second guess any and every post, wondering if it will disable my account for wrongthink and lock me out of my DMs with friends.

i may set up a public fedi node for others to use, as well.

@sneak if you want to bring over your friends but also want to save yourself the hassle of managing the servers, take a look at communick.com. I am providing very cheap "group/family" packages for this exact use case.

@raphael the point of self-hosting is... self-hosting. also the TOS of that service has no indication of what sort of content is prohibited on their servers outside of the bounds of the law, which is the whole reason i took an audience haircut to leave twitter.


@sneak servers are hosted in Germany, the policy is to only remove content if required by court order. But the TOS is admittedly vague because I do not want to market it on a "Free Speech is an absolute value" message and end up with a Gab/Parler/Voat in my hands.

@raphael if you had a customer that ran something like gab/parler/voat, would you kick them off?

@sneak I believe that this is mostly playing with hypotheticals, because experience is showing that the intersection of "people willing to pay for these services" and "trolls and incels with too much time on their hand" is pretty small. Given that I am not catering to them, they are not coming.

To answer the question, *if* they did come I wouldn't cut off anyone running an instance on their own domain. Users with accounts on the main communick domain, Silver Rule applies.

@raphael it is indeed playing with hypotheticals; i am curious about the values of a potential host and whether or not they stick to their own self-imposed rules when doing so is personally or morally inconvenient to themselves.

perhaps i will hire you to host an AP domain for me one day if i set up a public service.

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