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Communick has been more interesting to its users as a Matrix provider than for its connection to the Fediverse, but I still think that we need to have something like it: an instance that does not cater to any specific community and lets its users make their own networks as they wish.

If you don't let yourself be defined by your peers and if you understand the importance of paying to support the products/services that you use, consider joining

Interesting take on how Medium is looking to make their instance financial sustainable by attaching it as a perk for paying Medium subscribers.

While this model is not for everyone, it helps to onboard Medium users to Mastodon by removing the barrier of creating an account, it covers the cost of running the server to scale with its size, and it explores the different funding models you can have on the Fediverse that you can't on a centralized platform.

I'm getting fed up with Mastodon. It needs a better algorithm.

I keep seeing people claiming that algorithms are evil, but that's not true. Algorithms can be evil, but they can also be really useful.

My Mastodon feed is overwhelmed with post from the same people, because they post most often. So good content becomes a needle in a haystack.

This chronological timeline is not a good social media experience and I find myself checking Mastodon less and less.

Is there any hope of this changing?

@ljs @ldiamand @raphael @carnage4life I’ve had it write a non-trivial command line tool in Swift (pulling data from S3 with user-defined filtering/sorting for output) with just a few tweaks. Much faster than I could have done myself. A lack of good IDE integration is the main thing keeping me from using it right now.

Maybe “reset” is a bit hyperbolic, but I do think the productivity impact will still be pretty profound.

@ldiamand @ljs @raphael @carnage4life And jobs where writing is foundational.

Frankly, this stuff doesn’t need to replace a conscious human — it just needs to augment them well enough to allow them to do the work of two conscious people.

So what if they have to take a moment to correct the occasional factual error? That’s still enough to result in a massive increase in productivity.

@ljs @raphael @carnage4life

"Summarizing content semi accurately with no real understanding" - doesn't this describe an awful lot of middle management jobs?

Frogs taxidermy found inside French mansion that had been sealed for 100 years

i find this tiktok series incredibly fascinating—it’s truly new york scale in almost every dimension.

I think the only reason Business people like starting up new projects is that they get to make a whole bunch of new acronyms that everyone has to learn.

Next time you're using one of those soggy paper straws, remember that over 200 private jets took off immediately after the Super Bowl. That's the same carbon emission as 3,000 commercial fights.* Private jets should be illegal. Every celebrity who flies in one knows exactly what they're doing, and doesn't give two shakes.

When you control for taste, English food is actually good.

@OccupatusMens welcome to the fediverse! Keep in mind that you can always change your instance later, and feel free to ask any questions...

Kevin Carson quoting the nestor of size, scale and efficiency studies, Barry Stein. There is no inherent efficiency in scale, all you get is power to shift costs to operation to others. For true efficiency there is an optimal size in everything, and it is remarkably human scaled.

I’m hosting a #Canada focused discussion on co-op decentralized social media that I’ve been working on with a group of people.

We’re calling it CoSocial, and the call is for volunteers with technical skills. It’s a kick off session _today_ at 4pm PST / 6pm EST

We’ll be working out in the open so there will be more ways to get involved and collaborate.

Follow the #CoSocialCa tag 🏷️

Pour one out for jquery

"The Web client has been rewritten in modern JavaScript and no longer uses jQuery. The entire gzipped bundle is now 68K."

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2000-2005: Blogs are great and so are comments!
2005-2010: Blogs are still great but comments are not.
2010-Present: What if we didn't have blogs but just had a website full of nothing but comments?

Dino 0.4 is released! 🎊️

Dino now supports message reactions and replies. Furthermore, we switched to GTK4 and libadwaita. #dino #xmpp

Release blog post:

Kids should be raised and educated by communities, not a "system."

For 2 weeks, I'm enabling Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) on my @gumroad.

You get a discount (20%-60%) that is proportional to your local currency & cost of living.

I just sold to India with a 60% discount. Now is the time to buy.

This account has had 0 days since the last accidental engagement in discussions with insufferable midwits.

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