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Communick has been more interesting to its users as a Matrix provider than for its connection to the Fediverse, but I still think that we need to have something like it: an instance that does not cater to any specific community and lets its users make their own networks as they wish.

If you don't let yourself be defined by your peers and if you understand the importance of paying to support the products/services that you use, consider joining

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I'm seeing an uptick of signups on, but no new logins to mastodon. Because of my no-tracking policy it's impossible to know where the users are having trouble.

If you need help and managed to see this: please send me an email at

Do not use Hive Social - "The issues we reported allow any attacker to access all data, including private posts, private messages, shared media and even deleted direct messages."

Now that new folks have had a chance to settle into Mastodon...

...I want to show y'all a really cool thing. Mastodon isn't just Mastodon... it's a tiny part of the greater Fediverse.

So Mastodon is many servers that can talk to each other... right? Kinda like an analogue to Twitter (a microblog site) but "federated"...

That's cool and all, but get this: There are other apps that analogues to popular apps, too! - Instead of Instagram, there's Pixelfed!

BUT BUT BUT!!!! - They all use ActivityPub (the protocol behind Mastodon)!

SOOOOOO!!!! - You can *follow* posts on Pixelfed FROM YOUR MASTODON ACCOUNT!!! (And vice versa!)

Not only do Mastodon accounts follow other Mastodon accounts on other servers, they can follow other accounts on other application that use ActivityPub!!!

It's like if your Twitter account could follow someone's Instagram account!!!!

THIS!!! This is the power of the greater **Fediverse**!!!

More info:

Sample List:
* Facebook analogue: [Friendica](
* Instagram analogue: [Pixelfed](
* YouTube analogue: [PeerTube](
* Spotify analogue: [Funkwhale](
* MeetUp analogue: [Mobilizon](
* Reddit analogue: [Lemmy](
* Podcasting analogue: [Castopod](
* GoodReads analogue: [BookWyrm](
* Soundcloud analogue: [Reel2Bits](
* Twitter/Mastodon analogue: [Pleroma](
* Twitter/Mastodon analogue: [Misskey](

(HT @sean for compiling the core list!)

#feditips #fediverse

Are you using F-Droid?

Boost for more range📶

#fdroid #foss #appstore #poll #polls #survey

The Bench #2

Rudyard Lake, UK

📷 Ilford Sportsman
🎞️ ADOX HR-50

My first roll of HR-50. I really love the striking high contrast.

#believeinfilm #filmphotography #analogue #vintage #ADOX #ilford

This is probably worth repeating regularly: open source is about making your problem upstream's problem.

If you do not support said upstream, it will quickly become your problem again.

Invest on your own future. Reduce your long term costs. Support your upstream. now needs #cartoonists is a decentralized, federated cartoon sharing platform - operated by the Fourth Estate.

Like the site we will experiment federating it via the ActivityPub relay.

I put together a basic proof of concept for using existing #Mastodon installations as SSO for #Matrix, using #Synapse. Here's what the authentication and authorization flow for that looks like!

While Mastodon doesn't support #OpenlD Connect, OIDC is just OpenlD on top of OAuth2.0. If your app allows configuring all URLS for your ldP you can use nearly any OAuth2.0 provider.

Avatars currently aren't supported via this (| added one) but can be! Working on a patch for Synapse!

@noracodes I really resent the whole "Mastodon is too technical" thing because

1) it feels like a concerted effort by a subset of influencers and opinion leaders who have realised that Mastodon is a lot harder to game and they may not be able to preserve clout they didn't earn, and

2) I'm a music major who doesn't use cohost because I couldn't CSS my way out of a wet paper bag, and I picked up Mastodon inside a couple of minutes, tops. People are trying to speak "Mastodon is too hard" into existence because they don't want their world to change, but an unchanging world is a luxury some of us have never had.

COLOUR COMPOSITION. Playing with fluorescent rose on crimson as part of a colour palette while using a #Midjourney generated image. I love these sorts of electric contrasts.

#midjourney #AIArt #GraphicDesign #colour #color #ColourTheory

Today is #BuyNothingDay! 🎉 🥳

Celebrating is easy: buy nothing.

Consumerism of useless things, purposeless places, and meaningless experiences is a plague, promising satisfactions that are deceptive, short-lived, and ultimately destructive. Less is more. Contentment is enough.

This is such a cool video of Vancouver in 1907, a time before our transition to car dependence.

This SNL cartoon from 1998 was aired only once ever, wonder why...

One of the things I keep hearing here, over and over, is that "new" people on this platform shouldn't complain about things they find confusing or that don't meet their needs.

That's exactly wrong. New users, who've not yet adapted themselves to possibly unworkable or inscrutable interfaces and limitations, are often in a unique position to have insights that old hands can no longer see.

Perhaps you're tired of hearing the same complaints over and over. But think about why people make them.

Good morning🌫️

Wish you a good day with a 📸 of a common blackbird(🇩🇪Amsel🇬🇷Κότσυφας🇵🇱Kos🇺🇦Дрізд чорний) watching us from above.

#birding #birdwatching #birdwatchingphotography #birdphotography #TwitterNatureCommunity #wildlife #photography #wildlifephotography

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