Now for some reason any attempt to attach a document to gmail is failing. Searching the web says that the solution is to use a "compatible browser".

Google, you are getting me closer and closer to abandon one of the last services I still depend on. All the pain of self-hosting is nothing compared with this shit you are pulling out.

Cell phone companies will start providing identifier codes to websites that you visit.

And no, GDPR does not cover these cases. I wish people stopped think of regulations as magic pixie dust that can solve whatever problem they have, and instead look at regulations as "the set of rules that are deemed acceptable for the lobbyists to impose on smaller players, but with enough loopholes for them to ignore it completely."

Is it just me and my corner of the internet, or is the incidence of strawman "arguments" rising online?

I don't know if I got better at identifying it or if people are losing their ability of reading and debating online, but I'm getting tired of seeing how many times I have to start a comment with "Where in TFA is this claim or argument that you are objecting/responding to?"

I wasn't using Brave's "Speed Reader" feature before because it was hit-and-miss, but it seems like now it really works. Text and images, no pop-ups, no pop-overs. If anything, the only complaint is that browsing becomes a bit *too* bland, because all pages are rendered in the "clean" style.

For today's episode of "if ain't broke... try harder", the new docker-compose decided to change the way to resolve file paths.

Seriously, if it wasn't 2:30 in the morning, I think I'd take the day to move everything to podman.

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I've finally connected my Mitra instance to a real blockchain and configured the subscription service. The blockchain is Polygon PoS which is EVM-compatible #Ethereum sidechain. It is fast and cheap - ideal for payments. Of course this comes at the cost of decentralization so it's not a good choice for storing large amounts of money.
This is my subscription page: It accepts payments in WMATIC token which is a ERC-20 version of MATIC, the native currency of Polygon blockchain.
Yesterday I successfully started a payment stream from my account on another Mitra instance. You can try that too. The server will recognize your payment if you have ethereum address in your profile (in the $ETH field). Then you will be able to see my subscriber-only posts, though I don't think I will use paywall for anything other than testing this feature.
The contracts can be found here: (I'm using AdapterMini variant).

All these years of bull markets made the whole industry complacent. "Just throw more money at it", was the easy solution offered by anyone, including "senior" managers who never had to learn how to make do with the resources available - or not do at all.

Now that bubble finally popped is going to the time to see who can actually manage and who was just coasting around.

I got into a week-long discussion on Hacker News with someone who does "tech strategy consulting for a living" (his words), who insists that it makes no sense for a company to support development.

The same type of bizdev-bro who will happily parrot things like "companies should outsource everything that is not core to their business", and are simply blind to how that could be done by funding F/OSS projects.

⁦@k9mail_app⁩, a project I started way back in 2008 has found a forever home as part of the Mozilla family! Congrats to ⁦@cketti⁩ on making this happen!

This is just the type of open source project that I would like to support, but *not* by buying the current iteration. What I'd like to see is some kind of sponsorship model that gives the sponsors the *option* to receive any of the units that come in the future. For example, I'd like to give $10 every month and if 3 years later they get a model that I'm interested, the money I already put in could work as a down payment.

the fully open source hardware RISC-V Precursor from bunnie studios is now shipping out to people. pretty insane this thing was actually made #OSHW

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Today's recommended follows:

🌟 @charm - Creating free open source command line interface apps, libs and back ends

🌟 @hootalex - Artist making lovely wholesome art featuring birds

🌟 @maja.mielke - Photographer and scientist taking pictures of birds, plants and wildlife

🌟 @3DPrintingDad - Enthusiastic fan of 3D printing

🌟 @joewatsonillustration - Illustrator and designer with fantasy and surreal themes


Idea for the next search engine: the crawlers simulate a human browsing the page. Each pop-up/tracker/MB-of-useless-javascript between the crawler and the content means that the query score is divided by 2.

For those interested in and development, would you please take a look at and share your thoughts?

AirBNB's plan to deal with the new reality of remote work seems solid, and the most interesting of it all is that it works for them as terrific growth opportunity: by open sourcing" its processes, it makes it easier for other companies to let their employees work from anywhere, which leads to more using AirBNB itself as their accomodation for medium-term stays.

Spring cleaning time here, finally upgraded Mastodon and Synapse to the latest versions.

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